Of certain update and case of various easter eggs

Hi everybody. I wish to announce that I've slightly updated demo. It's not update of story, but rather fix of some issues and basically technical stuff. So, to not prolong that any further, here's list of changes made with newest update:

  • Added splash screens - game rating and logo
  • Added difficulty setting
  • Added hotkey for map
  • Made machete to disappear from inventory after Stab Town
  • Fixed issue with mysteriously disappearing TV in alleyway on street 24
  • Corrected some typos and made small changes in text here and there

Also, I've been thinking about adding some new 'events' - not really related to story or game progression. These would be things like gallery, or music room, where you could watch some pictures related to the game, or listen to music used in game. I also thought about maybe doing some idle actions for game's protagonists, like dunno... dancing, doing some basic gymnastics or whatever (at first I thought about that jokingly, but considering it further, it could be a pleasant thing to add). I may also consider putting some easter eggs later on - just for fun. There is a way to access 'debug room' already, so I could add some more stuff like that (for example I was thinking about making a small chance of triggering event with elevator, where instead of going instantly on choosen floor, you see elevator from inside - elevator music playing and Protagonist making some commentary on that). Ofc if anybody would have any additional ideas, I'd gladly listen to them and consider.

And as usual, you can get updated demo in Download section.


  1. Czy mi się wydaje, czy gra używa skryptu Mode7 (screen z ulicy)?

  2. Wydaje ci się. Zwyczajnie w ten sposób zrobiona została grafika :P