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Divinity Fatum (27.9.2015) Mediafire 4shared

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Act II Mediafire
Act III Mediafire

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Divinity Fatum (20.6.2013) Mediafire
Divinity Fatum Birth (abandoned) Mediafire 4shared
Divinity Fatum (finished) Mediafire 4shared

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Last Christmas (demo) Mediafire 4shared
Being Dead Simulator (demo) Mediafire 4shared
Insanity (abandoned... probably) Mediafire 4shared
Townlore (finished) Mediafire 4shared
Townlore 2_0 (finished) Mediafire
Gardens of Void (demo) Mediafire


  1. Hi,

    I'm Jovino González, from Puerto Rico (call me Jovi :) ) I'm following the progress of this game, and ... I love it <3 !

    I understand that you feel a little tired and with lack of inspiration, but it's important to your fans, (and to me, doh :) ),correct some problem of the last demo (specifically the Act III) So I want to help, if you don't mind, in these project, searching glitches and "malfunctions" on the same.

    There're some ones like the invisiblity glitch when you the far right lamp in Art Gallery. I don't find a "black sword" mentions from Emilyn on the Hosptal scene (it's a Powers item, I guess, but isn't in the Battle Scene. If you touch the P sign on Art Gallery, its transport Salomon to Home, but in School scene these not happen. The Game Over screen doesn't appear. And last, but not least, the Martyr from School scene is "virtually" impossible to defeat (I had try everything, and when I told you EVERYTHING possibilities, but I always failed.)

    I hope be of support to you, and any message, questions or opinions, please send me an e-mail.

    Cheers and Success,


    P.D. Sorry about my poor domain of English language. Any way, I wait your answers.

    1. Thank you for pointing these out. I really appreciate all kinds of help in finding glitches, spelling errors and all sort of stuff like that. Sword and shield mentioned by Emilyn in hospital will be an attack animations, which I haven't implemented yet (thus I am aware that players may be confused about what is she talking about). P sign on Art Gallery map was at first my teleporter to travel between Art Gallery and Home, when I still haven't implemented option to choose your destination. It seems that I forgot about it and didn't delete it XD. I'm also aware of lack of Game Over screen - I still haven't done GO graphic (and simply didn't bothered with it too much, because there are only 2 fight scenes so far). As for 2nd Martyr - I added it simply as presentation. Battle sequence for it isn't configured yet - that's why it's impossible to beat - it wasn't balanced yet.

      Nonethless, thanks once again for pointing these out and I'll be more than happy to accept any kind of help. And most of all, I'm joyful to see yet another person who enjoyed what there is in game so far. Don't worry - altrough I am indeed kinda tired with woriking on this game, I don't intend to abandon it. After all, it would be kinda cool to actually accomplish something like creating a game from beginning to the end ;).

    2. I actually beat the second martyr and got to the third, Tear. I guess gameplay ended there. To beat Regia (was that right?), you just gotta fight her cronies then Cindy will tell you to just hit 'em all right after that you'll get the skill necessary to kill all of the cronies at once even hitting the main boss, the main boss doesn't actually have any attacks so it's fairly easy. Got it in second fight.
      I don't get why defend makes you do nothing. I guess the battle system still needs work but nevertheless the story is quite gripping so I don't mind.

      Anyways... Game over screens are really appreciated. Some grammar tweaks are needed but needless to say this is such an awesome game that I got a weird dream right after playing it. Love the surreal atmosphere and the hopelessness of the characters and the ordeal they have to face. I wish I could help them. Hope this has a good ending since I'd feel bad for them if even in the end they have nothing.

      Ugh! I just love this game. I wish I can help you with it but I'm supporting you to the end!
      (If ever I can be of help, please PM me)

      I really love the way all your cutscenes can be "printscreened" first before text appears.

      - Machi :3

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  3. I am going to create a wikia about the game are you okay with that?

    1. There is already a wiki article on ynfangames. But if you feel like doing it, then be my guest ;D. I'd be honored.

  4. PLEASE could you keep on with Divinity Fatum? I can't stop thinking about it through the years. It would be awesome to continue it and finally have the story completed...