Long time ago, probably influenced by quite depressing weather, that lasted for few days I’ve decided to create a certain game in which I wanted to reflect my thoughts at that time. At first it wanted to just create an abandoned, seemingly endless city in which player would wander around. It was supposed to be just a pointless “game" at that time. When I seriously started working on it, I began to come up with some ideas for events. Later on, I menaged to make something, vaguelly resembling a plot. Work was going on well for a while. But at some point, I just somehow neglected whole game, and it was left unfinished.
Few years later, I felt like I should try finish making this game. I dig out some of my old notes holding vague informations about plot and tried to somehow improve it beforehand. But rather than improve current plot, I came up with story, explaining how main heroine ended up in place from Divinity Fatum. That’s how idea for the prequel game was born, and that’s how I started working on Divinity Fatum :Birth:.
In theory, :Birth: was supposed to be more linear and story-like, but I wasn’t really that concerned about that. I just wanted to tell a certain story. However, I couldn’t really use graphics from the first game, as first - they didn’t fit the atmosphere of the game, and second - I wasn’t finding them appealing anymore. Thus I’ve created most of the graphics from scratch once again, and slowly worked on the game. I was also polishing the story alone, and in the meantime I came up with something, that could be called a final part of the series. The idea of Divinity Fatum Trilogy was born that way. However, shortly after my joy of coming up with almost complete plot, I’ve meet with some technical problems so bothersome that they made me neglect :Birth: as well. Thus, second game was abandoned in it’s early stage, while the final one was never even created.
Few more years have passed and now here I am - once again returning to Divinity Fatum. This time I’ve decided to recreate first game and merge ideas from all three games into this one. First thing I did was switching from RPG Maker XP to RPG Maker VX Ace. Both have flaws, but Ace seems to let me avoid certain technical problems, that I had while making previous games. I changed story a bit to suit the current idea, and added some new things overall. Also, because my skills got better over all these years, and I’ve gained a lot of experience in the meantime, working on this game seems to go very fluid. I hope that this time I won’t fail.

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  1. Hello, I'm a big fan of Divinity Fatum. I just wanted to know will you still be continuing it?