Looking for editors and testers! Very urgent!

Well, who would have thought that finding testers and editors would be so hard. Even from the first time I've released demo of my game, it seemed to be almost impossible to get more of support. There were indeed few people that played my demo, and posted some issues and errors to me, but it seems it wasn't really enough - mainly because it was like that: one person told me about one issue, another one about next problem, and it would seem ok if there would be like 30 people - each telling me about one issue, instead of 3 people doing the same.

However bugs ain't that much of a problem, because I doubt there would be really that many of them in the game. What is really important now for me is finding some people who would help me out with editing text appearing in the game. Because English isn't my native language and the way I learned it, I often make mistakes - sometimes typos, but most usually grammatical errors. And that is why I'm writing this news here. I'd like to ask for some help here. I'd like some people to play through my game, write down all grammatical errors and if possible - tell me how it should be written, by either posting corrections here, or by sending me whole list of errors through, for example.

If there would be anyone willing to help - I can't really offer much, except gratitude and place in credit rolls. Still, I wish there would be at least one person, who would help me out with this.

Oh yeah, btw. I'll try to write down updated game walkthrough later today. I'm also thinking about updating game's entry on Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki, because it seems to be quite not up to the date as well (not mentioning few inaccuracies). However if anyone wish to do post updated info about the game by themself, feel free to do so. I'm also a bit curious how someone besides me would interprent and explain stuff happening/appearing in the game.

And well, that's all for a while. I hope there will be someone who'd help me out with correcting grammatical errors and such.

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