Quite major bug spotted

Just a brief notice of certain thing I've noticed after watching fuandon's let's play of Divinity Fatum. Basically, player could get to the act three without collecting all necessary events (mainly ones that tell player about who Shadow is). If anything, knowing identity of Shadow is necessary to enter 3rd act - or at least it should be. So, now you can get following clues: "Text on the Ground", "Note II", "Shadow" and "Red Splash" after deciding not to go in the ending sequence, however without getting these, you won't be able to get "city events" appearing in second act, which on the other hand are necessary to get to the third act.

Download link was updated with corrected version. You can grab it in download section, as usual.

And as finale, I'd like to post latest vids of Divinity Fatum Let's Play, that fuandon made:

Check out these two latest videos and be sure to subscribe him as well for more.

Aaand, that should be all for now. To the next time.


  1. Sooooo, the story is going good, but just a little spur of the moment idea that I had. I was going to do Divinity Fatum: Birth all the way through and then section off another story for Life. But I have a plan. I'm going to release them both at the same time, so that the format is similar to the game; in that you aren't sure who is who until they intersect. And by then, you'll probably have Death released, because I type very, very slow.
    Holy crap I talk a lot.
    (By the way, I think you meant 'Quite major bug')

    1. Well, making game is also a slow process. Especially when one doesn't have completed script for the story. And this is one of the hardest things to do - making story to be interesting and somewhat logical.
      And yea, I meant 'major' XD

    2. Man, now can see kind of what you're going through. I sometimes have that problem with, well, all my stories. Plus, you have coding to work with, and like my friend explained to me, you fix one bug, and six more pop up. That's gotta be rough.