Thanks, everyone!

Yeah, first of all I'd like to thank all the people who decided to help me with finding and getting rid of bugs, typos and grammar errors. I should upload updated version somewhere soon.
I've also managed to get rid of quite funny bug. Basically, while undergoing some events from Birth Act if player checked a map and next returned back to game, fog (or rather BOV picture) started blink between white and black one (it should be clearly visible in Leader's and Princess parts for example). Why it's funny bug? Because when screen starts to blink like that, it kinda looks like Protagonist is partying hard. You may want to check it out by yourself, anyway. Anyway, with all this I'd like to postpone search for editors and beta-testers... for now, at least. Once again thanks to everyone who helped out with this.

Next thing. I'd like to thank everyone who decided to make a Let's Play videos of Divinity Fatum. You guys really encourage me to keep on going with this project and you're also helping me make game more known. It may sound like I carve for fame and attention, but what I really wish for is for people to just try out this game and if possible, tell me what they think. Reading comments and notes from players telling me how Divinity Fatum moved them and made them wonder about certain things makes me remember that I've somehow created something beautiful (yeah, long live modesty) and I'd like show this to as many people as possible. With this, I'd like to thank everyone who send me comments about game, discussed about it and basically acknowledged it and once again I'd like to thank all youtubers who decided to Let's Play DF.

Speaking about recording Let's Plays - if anybody feel like playing and LP'ing DF, you may wish to play current demo at least. From what I've noticed, many people didn't play the game as it is still in development. There is nothing bad with it, however because of various circumstances making final act of the game will take quite a lot of time (or rather, I won't have that much of time to work on the game as I had until now).

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone Happy Halloween! :D
Here's a chick from Stab Town as a treat:


  1. I feel so sad right now. I thought that the game is already made, and then "Act III Coming soon" (today I have ended). I only hope that you won't add some changes in plot in previous acts. You made something amazing, keep it up. I love the topic which you describe in this art. Take your time, we will wait.

    1. I ascertain you that plot so far won't be changed, or anything. There is really no need to do so, anyway.