Download links updated

Just a small notice. I was informed that there occur some problem with mediafire downloads. Basically, some people encountered situation where their browser/antivirus marked game file as infected. Reason for that is that some browers/antivirus programs suspect not often downloaded files as such. Anyway from what I noticed, that problem touches only files downloaded via mediafire. Thus, I had uploaded all current files on alternate host - 4shared. It suffers from similiar problem as mediafire (at least for me my AV alerts me that file is fresh etc etc), but at least download ain't getting cut right before end. I'd like to avoid posting it on hosts like rapidshare etc. as files there tend to get deleted more often for various reasons.

Anyway, if that would still be not enough, just tell me and I'll try uploading files on yet another host.

So, dat's all for now. Cheers.

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