Divinity Fatum Art Gallery "Contest"

Some time ago I mentioned that I'm considering to put some kind of easter eggs etc. One of the ideas was putting in the game something like an art gallery, where player could watch pictures from that appeared in game, fanarts or whatever.
Altrough I backed off from idea of putting some random easter eggs, I somehow menaged to mix art gallery into actual game plot.

So, the thing is: there is no Art Gallery without art, right? As you can see, this one is currently full of empty frames waiting to get filled with some pictures.
There are 30 frames to fill, thus I'll pick 30 out of all submitted arts and put them in the game.
Theme of exhibit held in this Art Gallery is "Images of God". To explain further - artists show their own visions of god. You don't have to draw God the way he looks like in any of the religions. You can be (or even you should be) more creative - if you wish, you can depict god as some kind of symbol, it can be an animal-looking being, or some kind of human-like one. One most important think, though. Have in mind that you're drawing something that is supposed to be a god. Because of that, try making pictures to look as divinely, majestic or/and mysterious as possible. Another important note is that I accept only digital arts, as traditional ones simply wouldn't fit. By taking part in this "contest", you also agree to let me make small changes to your picture (like cropping it a bit, adding certain filters etc) which wouldn't change idea of the picture. You can send me links to pictures in comments section below, or by sending them on my mail (however I prefer first option). Finally, in exchange for pictures, you will appear in credits roll. I'm aware that it's not much of a prize, but I can't really offer much either - especially when the game is for free. "Contest" will last for over a month, so you have time to send pictures until March 23. If we won't get enough pictures, I'll sadly have to exchange pictures with some simple dialogues, describing some random arts.

So, to summarize all that:
1. Theme for pictures is: "Images of God"
2. 30 pieces will be picked and put into the game
3. Only digital art
4. Pictures should be at least 1088x832 pixels
5. By participating, you agree to let me make minor changes, without changing idea of picture.
6. If your art will be picked, you will appear in credits.
7. You have time until March 23

That's all for now. Depending on how things will turn out, some parts of this "contest" may change.

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