Act III teaser

So, work on act III is going rather smoothly. I have whole main story written down. Also I agreed with myself on form of this final act. At first I wanted it to be something more like hm... detective game, or just typical adventure game. However after thinking about it for longer time, I concluded that if I kept my original concepts for previous acts (act I - endless wanderfest, act II - linear story, almost like reading a book), I should also do the same with third act.

In my original concept this third game was supposed to be more of an rpg, than adventure game. Main reason for that were occasional battles that would occur in that game. These fights however won't work exactly like in your common vanilla rpg, where you walk around and out of nowhere random monsters pop up in battle sequence. As I mentioned before, fights in Divinity Fatum will be occasional. That also suggests that they'll be evented instead of just happening out of the mist. To elaborate, when you'll be supposed to meet with monster, you'll get into it's realm - let's say. If you're familiar with anime titled Puella Magi Madoka Magica, imagine that you'll be fighting mobs in DF in similiar way that heroines of this anime fighted with witches. Why would I go so far with simple fights? As almost everything in Divinity Fatum, these fights would also be somewhat symbolic and for that reason I'd like to make every battle as original and memorable as possible.

Another thing worth mentioning is how you'll move around the game world in final act. Like in the first act, action in third one will also take place in a city. It won't be and endless city though, but just normal city with means of transport. Because of that we won't have to walk for a hour from point A to point B. Instead of this, we'll have a map of the city with list of places which we can visit.
Finally, I have prepared few screenshots showing current progress. I'm aware there is not much of it yet, but it won't hurt showing it to you, anyway:

Honestly, I'm kinda curious and at the same time a bit worried whenever my concept for the final act will be taken positively, as it will differ greatly from previous acts.
Also, I'll probably release a demo after first battle sequence, to see what you guys are thinking about that.

Dats all. Cheers.

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