First Martyr Battle WIP (explicit)

As mentioned in one of past posts here, in contrary to previous acts of the game, final - third act - will have a battle feature. There won't be any random encounters, though. I intend to make every battle in the game to be a boss battle. With this, it is - in my opinion - somewhat necessary to present such enemies  more representatively, than any usual mob.
Enemies in Divinity Fatum's III Act are called "Martyrs". Why? You may try to figure it out.
Next thing to do is to configure whole battle system and everything that will matter in a battle (that means: weapons, stats, skills etc), as you may have noticed that "battle" so far depends on simply attacking enemy until it dies (not mentioning that it doesn't even fight back for now). There will be also a bit of additional scripting for that battle, so it adds another chore to take care of...
As for dialogues, I'm aware they're quite... vulgar now. I hope nobody will mind that. I wanted to show somewhat more real world than in previous acts and in our own world vulgarity is simply far too common to try making this game while avoiding such language.
Not mentioning that there were already alleged rape scenes, so few curse words shouldn't be really that bad IMO.
Anyway, I hope that it looks at least a bit cool so far. Werther's theme (that's this Martyr's name) may sound kinda out of place, but I wasn't really able to find other suitable track so far (I wanted to avoid your usual rpg battle music). I may change it in the future, but honestly I kinda grew to like it, actually. However it is worth mentioning that every Martyr will have it's own music theme.

And well, that would be all for now. To the next one.


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  2. This will be a good act :) - final as I remember?