Divinity Fatum Art Gallery ''Contest'' - UPDATE

Almost 2 months ago I wrote about a contest of sort. Reason for it was to fill all 30 empty frames in Art Gallery location in "Divinity Fatum" with pictures depicting your own images of a god being. You can read original post here: 

Deadline for submitting works was till 23rd March. So far I get... 3 pieces. That is why I decided to apply some changes in rules and if you'd like to still participate in this little contest, please follow these listed below:

1. Theme for pictures is "Images of God". Simply try to depict godly being or beings the way you think they could look like.
2. 30 pieces will be picked and put into the game.
3. I will now accept both digital and traditional arts, however pictures must be clean (that means no visible marks of bended paper or texture of canvas as well) and should have a background.
4. Pictures should be at least 1088x832 pixels.
5. By participating, you agree to let me make minor changes (like resizing or cropping a picture to fit the dimensions of the game).
6. If your art will be picked, you will appear in credits.
7. You have time until 30th June.

I also added new subpage on blog - Gallery. I'll be posting official arts, fanarts and most important as for now - currently posted contest submissions. Be sure to check them all from time to time.

And that should be all.

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