Million Souls To Take

I started it on a whim. When returning home by train with my wife, we talked about some so called "RP groups". Then I came up with idea of almost claustrophobic, capitalistic Purgatory, where in order to ascend you have to buy yourself a ticket to Heaven. That - in a nutshell - is plot for Million Souls To Take.

Million Souls To Take is simple dungeon-crawler. We explore new locations, encounter monsters, collect loot and sometimes fall into traps to finally encounter domain's boss.

I want to capture in this game things that I mostly enjoyed in games, but it was never exploited to such extent to be fully satisfying. What I always loved in RPG games was character's grow and it's customisation. Thus, MSTT will feature Attribute System, which will give us control over character's development. I also intend to add A LOT of skills which we'll be able to learn freely. There will be also a lot of items and equipment with it's many variations (for example: there will be a simple sword and that same sword with fire attribute). Everything will be available in stores that randomly generate it's current ware as well as in "crosses" that serve as treasure chests in game. There will be also a lot of summons that will aid us in battles and grow alongside us. Everything put in simple, yet difficult game where we won't have much of a plot, but hopefully a lot of entertainment.

These... are however plans so far. Still I'm kinda surprised that I actually made something with that concept for a game. I remember that when I came with idea for the first time, I had on mind a loose mix between Danganronpa, Hotline Miami, Persona 3 and Diablo. What will be the outcome? Time shall tell. Anyway, just to be a little more brief, here's a list of game's possible features:
- Many different characters to pick
- Character's grow control (so far there are only two, but that will hopefully change)
- Many skills
- Many equipment
- Many items
- Variety of summons
- Upgradeable room
- Challange room
- Cohorts with gods
- Abstract locations
- Difficulty (not an option - a fact)

Yeah, that should be enough. Finally, some screeshots depicting current progress:

And, that's all for now.


  1. This game looks like alot of fun. I hope you release it at one point or another. I've been playing Divinity Fatum and have loved it. Got to the second martyr. Took me a bit to realize it was unbeatable XD. Good to see you aren't burning yourself out completely on making it; it's good to take breaks from time to time. Anyway, best of luck!

    1. Thanks. There is still a lot to do if I want Million Souls To Take to be fairly interesting to play. Honestly, I'm not sure how I want it to look like anymore. I know I want to add a lot of various content, but that's all. I have no idea if I should do dungeons in a way typical for RPG's (that means quite big ones consisting of few levels), or maybe going with something similiar to Binding of Isaac (small rooms semi-randomly generated). Well, there is good side of that, though. When I realise how many there is to do, I start to feel like working on Divinity Fatum once again :P.

      Anyway, altrough there is no demo yet, if you'd have any suggestions for how to make Million Souls to Take more interesting, I'd gladly read them ;).

    2. For a game like this, I'm not sure. Both styles have their advantages. The Binding of Isaac is cool in that each room you enter is a surprise, but I think I prefer the large styled dungeons. There's more satisfaction to clearing them for me. It's possible to do both, i.e. one portal could lead to a series of large dungeons that are static, and another could lead to randomly generated rooms. Or, anoother style is somewhat similar to a game called Children of Mana. Essentially, after clearing a "main dungeon" sidequests would open up to unique dungeons based on the main dungeon. For example, one "main dungeon" was a tower of ice. It either had 10 or 15 floors, and each was static. After clearing this dungeon, sidequests opened up that involved you going back to the tower, but the layout was different from the "main dungeon" and unique to that sidequest. The sidequest dungeons were much shorter than the main dungeons. However, I have no idea how much work any of this would require. For this game, I think that the main dungeon approach could get repetitive. If there's alot of grinding to do, clearing the same dungeon again and again can get boring quickly. However, I find large dungeons to be rewarding. Perhaps doing something like Children of Mana, where there's a little bit of both, could be beneficial.

    3. That's pretty interesting idea. I was actually thinking about maybe adding few optional bosses in every dungeon that would be picked randomly, but with "sidequest" concept I could simply add them to these new dungeons. This could also give an opportunity to perhaps add some more exclusive items that could be only get after clearing these sidequests. That's a very good idea. Thanks!