Minor changes and progress report.

It seems to be some kind of habit lately... I've noticed that I write a post pretty much once a month.

In this past time I did... not much of a game, being honest. Main reasons for that were:
- being physically tired
- lacking concept for next Martyr's stage
- being tired of working on Divinity Fatum (temporary, though - I'm not going to abandon this project)

In a meantime I started working on some kind of side project (yet another one) to serve as some kind of steppingstone for me, when I get tired of working on DF. It's in an early phase as I only made "main base" and overworld so far. I guess that doesn't tell you much, so let me explain a little about that  project, before I move onto main topic.

Game's title is: "Million Souls to Take". We're taking the role of recently deceased person. Action takes place in capitalistic Purgatory where we can literally buy ourselves a second chance by exchanging it for mentioned million souls. We can collect them from the "Fallen Ones" - beings that were once humans, but because they stayed in Purgatory for too long, they lost their identity and cause. I plan to make it into dungeon crawler being mix of "Elona"'s open world and "Persona 3"'s battle system (typical turn-based jrpg battles). I want to put there what I like the most in that kind of games - a lot of customization. I don't really mean character's appearance here, but rather a lot of skills, items, allies etc etc. I intend to even put there an option of making yourself a house and later on even creating something like a town. Except that, there will be a lot of dungeons ending with boss battles. We will be given all that, while fighting not only to gain a second life, but also to not turn into the "Fallen One" by ourselves. Everything kept in '80's theme (kinda. I was inspired by Hotline Miami here). Anyway, here are some screenshots of that something:

Now, a little about Divinity Fatum's development progress. First, I added a little visual adjustment in certain parts of the game. Basically, I thought that I could add script that I used in Townlore to enchant feeling of tension in certain parts of the game. At first I just wanted to make Martyr's stages to look more disturbing, but when I noticed the effect of this script, I thought that I could also use it in other moments of the game. With that little touch-up, I get something like this:

Next news is that I finally get an idea for second Martyr's stage, as well as how it should look like in the end. I had a certain idea for Martyr's image alone, but I found it not exactly threatening. After spending some time away from the game I get an idea of how I could make second encounter look like. I haven't scripted battle sequence yet, but beside that whole stage is pretty much done.
I should also finally force myself into maybe adding some dialogues with students from the School, add some books to the Library and write some descriptions for pictures in Art Gallery. These are the things that don't push the story forward and pretty much serve no purpose other than making the game more interactive. That, however is ironically quite important part of gameplay...

Finally, some screenies of latest little progress:

I'd also like to remind that there are save states for both Act II and Act III in download section. If anybody would like to check out the newest add-ons by themselves, be my guests. Demo was also updated.
And that's all for now.


  1. Hello again Invidia, Valtiel here with another long-ass comment:

    The new alterations to Act I & II look cool, they definitely look more intense, to clarify, you're applying the bright blur effect that's on the act 3 city street to certain scenes right? Because it looks really cool.

    The new areas and art from the next section of act III look great; is that the painter girl from lasts month's update following Salomon? Cause, I remember her having this Martyr like spectral thing and looking all enemy like. Does he not kill her or have you changed that?

    On the subject of the new project, it sounds like a good idea, I love customization in my RPGs, but I find that a lot of them lack skill and ability customization (notable exceptions being Persona and Kingdom Hearts).

    Could you elaborate on what sort of system that skill customization would follow? Because the standard RPG format where you have all skills at all times would seem sort of... boring, a system like Persona or Pokemon where you enter battle with a limited set of skills that you pick and choose would be much more enticing to me.

    Aside from all the questions, I really like your art style: it has this feeling of Twisted Beauty that really sets it apart from other games that's even evident in your sprite art. I'm looking forward to whatever else you bring to the table and eagerly await your next update.


    1. Hi there. Yes, it's blur effect and waving effect that make the screen look kinda glitchy.

      The girl following Salomon is indeed painter girl, however she's not the character that had that spectral Martyr behind herself. That's completely different character which will appear far later in the game.

      As for that new project... I agree that having hundred of skill all the time is not even boring, but confusing and unnecessary. I was thinking about giving player an option to freely add/remove skills by talking with certain character that "sells" them (skills, that is). I don't want to force players into restraining their skills pool if they don't feel like it. Some may like having wide variety of them, while others don't. However I may change that conception for something similiar to Pokemon as this also sounds kinda cool and most of all it would provide additional challange. I'll just see about that.

      All in all, once again thanks for support :D. It really means a lot for me and keeps me going forward.

  2. Hi Grey,

    Thanks for answer my e-mail and give me the break to be a helper in your project.

    I have more glitches from the game, but I won't write them today because, today (thursday) is Pre-Socially day (All Fridays' Social's day, on P.R.), so, like all Puerto Ricans, I will "go by the window". (Get Drunk) So, its' too much efforts for today. :p .

    Seriously, I'm using a public computer and they gave one hour to make my works. So I need it pass the glitchs' pool in my Notebook and then paste it on this one. It's more easy that way.

    Now, go to the point.

    Answer your doubt about the 3rd act, I guess its the contractswith the others is O.K.. The dark stories of the firsts acts "choke" or "drown" one in despair and hopeless, so a 180 degrees of change from the 3rd act its nice. BTW, may be you could include some "flashbacks" from Salomon that connect him with the first and second acts; i.e. a scene from a picture of Salomon (not from Sophia) talking with her on the roof of the building from 2nd act, inmediatly before his "badass" aspect of the 3rd act :); or the mutual feelings between Sophia and Salomon about their existencialism problems.

    Well, I hope be of support for you today.

    Cheers and success.


    1. Hi, Jovi. I already replied on your mail, so I think there is no need for me to repeat myself here ;). We can keep our discussions via mail from now on, if you don't mind.

  3. I'm on 3rd act but I'm stuck on hospital with Emilyn. After Salomon and Emilyn's conversation Salomon goes to outside but then the blackscreen nothing happens, what should i do? Btw I can't find the latest update I don't understand the "Downloads" here, there is just the older version and other games but not the updated version of game.

    1. Hm, that bug is strange - I tested that part countless times and there was never a problem. I'll look into it, though.

      As for downloads, let me explain: "Latest version" leads to download where actual latest version is. I just noticed that I haven't changed date there in a long time, but most recent version can be grabbed from links there.
      Older versions are as in order from top to bottom: old version of Divinity Fatum remake, Divinity Fatum: Birth (basically part of 2nd act) and first, original Divinity Fatum.

      Anyway, I'd suggest just trying to replay this last part once more. Maybe you pressed something that made some event stuck at some point.

    2. I downloaded the lastest version again to solve that problem, but nothing happened. Then I try to first go to art galery but i have no ticket, then ,i try to go library but there was nothing to do so i go to pub again and beat the first Martyr. So now which one should I download? There is latest version (26.06.2014) I guess you mean that one? I really one play but I'm stuck long time ago, thanks for reply ^_^

    3. I replayed 3rd act by myself and bug mentioned by you did not occur. Let me verify something, though. You first went to the pub, talked with Emilyn, later on went to the Library, study certain book, then you get transported back in front of pub. Salomon entered and after short cutscene you fought Werther. Next, scene in a limousine appeared and then scene in the hospital where Salomon talks with Emilyn about becoming superhero and being good person. After that Salomon should normally get back on his bike (scene where you choose where to go next). I guess that's the part that doesn't trigger. Does the music change when screen turns black, or is it still the same music that plays in hospital? This information would help me disclose the problem.

      Eventually you can wait a bit. I should release new demo pretty soon. I have only few scenes to do before doing so.

  4. The same music keeps playing, same as in the hospital. Let me explain it: First I go to pub and talk to Emilyn. When I left the pub after conversation, the game doesn't let me to go anywhere. When I left pub, the scene that Salomon stands in front of the pub appears as if a few hours passed and he is late. The thing I want to say is when I go to pub at first, the game doesn't give me a chance to go somewhere else. When i try to go to library at first I mentioned it before I can't study, even I can't read a book... Just the girl in the library keeps asking me "Have you found what are you looking for?" Well I will wait for the demo I guess because I don't understand it.

    1. That's strange. It looks like you're playing an old version of the game after all, which is strange because I believe I uploaded one where player can go as far as to confront Regia Aculeo. I guess that's the issue here, because at first I just made this scene at the bat look like the way you mentioned - it appears that few hours passed and player was unable to do anything in that time.

      You wrote that you downloaded latest version once again. I believe you unpacked it and pasted save from old folder into the new one? If not, then maybe try doing so - but remember to paste save that continues from the farthest part possible in act 2 (for example when you're in Tower). Maybe continuing that way would override that bug.

      Another option would be downloading game from different source, like from GameJolt for example. Link to the page is here:

      Nonetheless, it's hard for me to help you out with that problem. As I said earlier, on my PC the game works fine. Nobody else from what I know had such issue either. Anyway, if nothing from above works, give me a sign and I'll try figuring it out once more.

  5. Yeah I made it Thank you for your advice!!! I beat the first Martyr really hard, but Regia Aculeo is really difficult I have to say! I looked the Clues and see there's two option Sophia's Painting and Art Room's Key but I'm confused a little bit. When I should use them, Regia is always atacking so I'm doing too many Burst but This is not working. I want to ask you how to beat but I really wanna find it by myself so... uhh... I don't know what to say :D

    1. Yeah... he're the key part... demo that you've played has indeed battle with Regia Aculeo implemented, but it was not scripted and balanced. I did it some time after releasing that demo version (to be more precise, I finished working on that battle in that year, to be honest). I can however spoil you that IMO battle with Regia Aculeo is easier that with Werther, however it may seem otheriwse. That you'll be able to verify by yourself in next demo ;p

  6. You say Regia is eassier You must be KIDDING me :'D No way I can't beat it just these items not affect on Salomon Why??? I really wanna progress so umm :D Just a little tip maybe? When should I use them You can atleast say this please!!!

    1. What I meant to say is that this battle in current demo is simply impossible to win, because Regia wasn't scripted back then. As result, she was too powerful (or rather, her defense was too big). There is no secret on how to beat her in that demo version. I said she's easier, meaning the scripted version of the battle (that is not yet released). Hope this explains.

  7. Still waiting for it! I really love all of your works. Thank you ^_^