So... after some hiatus it is finally time to get back to work.
I was working on Million Souls To Take for a while, but I kinda lost my primary concept for the game somewhere along the way. I may return to that game some time in the future, when I'll figure out exactly how I want it to look like. All in all, I spend most of my free time in last dunno... 2 month... relaxing and just having some break from everything.
But these times are finally over. Now I'm once again eager to work on my main project - Divinity Fatum. It's kind of sad, that my motivation rises from tragedy, but taking in consideration theme of this game, it may be suitable.
Anyway, for starters I get rid of few bugs that were reported to me. Hopefully I didn't miss any. I also added descriptions for other "frames" in Art Gallery, so it's more interactive now. Next, I must come up with some info to put in Library, so it would actually serve some other purpose than checking world map.
Battle with second Martyr - Regia Aculeo is finally done. I also added some MP cost for skills. It won't really mean a lot in most parts, though. We can also visit Emilyn in Hospital now. Next thing to do is "searching for the Tower" part.
Theoretically there are not that many parts of 3rd act to do. The problem lies with proper presentation of these parts. I may also consider adding some more content to the final act, but on the other hand I don't really want to spin off too much from main story... which is pretty confusing as it is anyway.

So, to sum it all, I haven't really done a lot from last update. I simply wanted to inform that I still work on the game and that development is slowly going on.

Oh yeah, I also decided to finally put an actual picture of Salomon's face in the game:

Finally, I don't know when I'll release new updated demo, but I guess it won't be anytime soon. I want to cover a certain scene first. Probably after that, I'll release next and probably last demo. After that, next upload would be a full game.

That is all. Cheers.


  1. I'm waiting for the full act 3. When is it coming? This game deserves more attantion than that I have to say. Really great musics, characters and ambience :)

    1. It's hard for me to tell when I'll finish act 3. I can spoil that much that main plot is nearing completion. There is still a side story to add, however. Also, to be honest if not many different occurrences, it would be done long time ago and for that I want to apologize. All I can ask for so far is patience, as I'm trying to not lose my resolve to make this game neat from the beginning till the end.