Divinity Fatum posters

Some time ago I found certain poster-like pictures depicting scenes from various games and animes. Their style caught my attention and I thought about doing something in similiar way as well. I spent two days to draw all more important characters from 2nd act, as well as their counterparts from act 3. Here are the results. They may spoil a bit, so be aware:

As for a progress report, I pretty much completed next location. I also figured out certain parts of plot, which as a result should give characters from 3rd act a bit more depth. First two acts had that good part, that I didn't have to come up with real dialogues. Act 3 bases on characters' interactions far more and I'd really like to avoid writing unnatural, illogical dialogues just to push the action forward.

I will be also doing some cleanup/rearrangement in Gallery section. Saying just in case.

Yeah, this one was a short one, but it's fine sometimes. To the next post. Cheers.

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