Some Divinity Fatum videos

Hey, all. Hasn't made any new post in a long time. Anyway, this one isn't about progress in game developement or anything like that. This time, I'd like to promote certain youtuber who obviously decided to play and record her experiences with Divinity Fatum. Her username is PureSpringLotus and from what I noticed, she plays many indie games. This makes me even more proud, that she decided to check out Divinity Fatum and she's actually doing a good job with progression.

Anyway, check out her channel, and follow her merry adventures in the world of Divinity Fatum.

Eventually, just watch these below. There are 3 parts so far, but if you guys will help out, I'm more than certain that she'll happily make even more:

So, enjoy watching these videos and most importantly, show her some support to make her feel that what she's doing isn't going to vain.

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