Some art issues

Just little something I came up with lately. I was somewhat inspired by certain picture and Nightcore version of "Sick of It" by Skillet. Anyway, at first I wanted to keep picture as minimalistic as possible, but of course I had to shit all over it with lots of effects etc.

Anyway, picture depicts protagonist of Divinity Fatum in transition between human and godly form. If you played game till end of act II, you should probably realise what I mean. If not, play the game and check out for yourself.

Also, while at it, I was considering perhaps adding another subpage on this blog. At first I wanted to avoid that kind of activity, but after some time I think it wouldn't be such a bad idea. This new subpage would contain all kinds of arts and stuff related to the game. Having that on mind, if anyone of you would stumble upon some art, or would do something by yourselves, don't hesistate to send me a link.

Lastly, I'm considering making little contest on deviantART to promote Divinity Fatum a bit. I still have no solid idea of how to conduct it, but if anything would come up from it, I'll write a notice.

And that's all for now. Cheers.

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