Delayed update/fix

After a long time, I finally menaged to complete the task that I wanted to get done before next upload - grammar and spelling issues, that is. With help of Naturalflirtgamer I probably got rid of most of mentioned errors. She basically replayed whole game, checked every sentence and wrote down all mistakes. Shamefully, there were little over 12 pages of corrections. Hopefully this will make game more pleasant and easier to understand for future players. Thanks for all that help and that you actually had both time and will to do something like that.
Besides that, I also took care of some other minor bugs. List of all changes can be read below:

  • Took care of grammar and spelling issues
  • Fixed problem of getting to interact with TV on street 24
  • Fixed graphical glitch triggered by opening up map in certain locations of 2nd Act
  • Changed Title theme
  • Changed logo picture
  • Probably some other stuff I don't remember about anymore

So, as usual you can grab latest demo in Downloads section above. Eventually you can wait until I'll release demo with a glimpse of 3rd Act. On that matter, I had prepared about half of the plot so far. I could wait with making resources and scripting the game until I would have whole plot written down, but on the other hand I will be more motivated to work on the game if I'd actually see some progress by myself. Second act of the game was created in similiar way, so it may work out with final one as well.

And this is all for now. Cheers

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