I uploaded a bit updated version of the game (which can be downoladed from Download section). Here's the list of made changes:
- Changed a bit how Intuition System works
- Added actual endings (3 so far)
- Added a bit of 3rd act - still unrefined, but somewhat playable for a couple of minutes

That would be all about updates.

Also, about "contest" which I mentioned last time - I get barely 3 pieces. By that, unfortunately I have to scrap the idea of putting other people's pictures into the game. I appreciate all efforts made, but sadly there were not enough responds and I won't move deadline any further, because it simply won't change a thing.

And that would be all. To the next post with - hopefully - some meaningful update.


  1. I first played Divinity Fatum about a year ago while looking for games that were a similar experience to Yume Nikki and its many fangames. Upon playing I was pleasantly suprised to find that this game was not one of the many clones, but rather an entirely unique and interesting experience, with an immensely deep and interesting story packed to the brim with intrigue and mystery.

    At first I found it a bit hard to play, but the intuition system resolved that, just leaving the slight puzzle of navigating the streets to get to each clue that would reveal that little bit more information to the player. Each of the individual stories in the apartment building all went well with each other and build up the tension ever so slightly and the changes that Sophia brings to each of the people she meets. Each of the endings had a unique feel to them, which is exemplified even more with the new additions brought by this update, the animations and narration bring so much more to the scenes that just an image did.

    Coming to the new content, I find Salomons side of the story to be an interesting departure from the formula of walking through the streets using intuition to find things, the change comes at just the right moment, switching to what appears to be smaller, isolated environments that each hold so much more character. The battle system really feels good to use, and it looks beautiful as well, the background in particular looks really high quality, the combat itself seems quick, the strategy used to take down the Martyr is very simple, but as it is meant to be the first battle it is understandable. I think some of the attacks could do with a bit of animation though; another small issue is that the text to choose where you want to go while traveling as Salomon on the bike is a bit hard to read.

    All in all the game as it is now, both new and old content, is really high quality and great to play through again. I eagerly await any new news or updates to the game. -Valtiel

    1. Thanks. I'm happy to read that there is yet another person which enjoyed playing through my (still not completed) game. Now, to answer some of your suggestions... first of all, when it comes to animations during battles - do not worry - I remember about them and I intend to add them. I just don't find them that important, so I decided to create them later on. For texts showing possible locations to where salomon could go - I wanted to make it look similiar to Intuition system. However in fact some may find it hard to read. I'll check how will it look like after changing it's opacity.

      All in all, once again thanks for feedback and await new update soon ;)