Progress report

It was about month and a half from last update. It should be a good moment to let everybody know that game's development is still going on. So far I'm done with first day of Act III, which ends after finding a clue at Art Gallery. I also started working on next location which hopefully will be more challanging than currently made part of final act. This will be also a moment when - like in first act - we'll go into non-linear gameplay. That means that besides doing main route, we'll also be tasked with optional side quests.

I was also thinking about how to lead the story forward and how should it end. I could've mentioned it before, but on this stage - despide having a vague draft of a story - I'm creating a plot spontaneously. Honestly I'm still amazed that this game has arms and legs despite being created in such fashion (have in mind that previous acts were made in similiar fashion and that game wasn't supposed to be one big game, but three separate ones). Anyway, according to current "plan", the game will end in a way that leaves a gateway for a sequel. That means that even after finishing the game, there will be some unanswered questions left. Some may hate that kind of endings. I hate such myself. However Divinity Fatum's universe is part of far bigger one, which may be a place of action for another game that I may start working on after dealing with DF.

Yeah, so that should be all of my rants about current development. Now something from a different barrel. I had birthday about week ago. My wife asked one of my favourite artists to make a picture of Sophia that would serve as a gift. Artist that I have on mind goes by the nick Paixi (you seriously should check out his works!). All in all, I'd like to once again thank both of you: my wife for organizing that amazing gift and Paixi for making it. For everyone to see, here is the picture that I got:

It's currently hanging above my screen so I can always adore it.

Going back to development stuff. I'm deleting "contest's" folder in Gallery section. To everyone who participated (that means 3 people) I'll add mention of your art and yourselves in the game anyway. I cannot use your art because it would simply look strange that some frames have actual pictures while other don't, but both titles and your nicks will appear in the game as well as in credits roll of course. That's as much as I can do to recompensate you for that, sadly.

Next, there was a suggestion that I could release save states letting players start from either 2nd or 3rd act. I've noticed that there are people who play the game after every update for even these 10 minutes of additional gameplay, but usually they have to replay whole game in order to get to the new content. It occurs mostly because I often apply some changes to previous acts as well, which in fact make it impossible to start the game from a save state from previous version of the game. Because of that it seems to be the only fair way to let players enjoyably experience updates. These save states will be available to download in "Download" section until the game's final release.

And finally... screenshots time. This time there are two screenshots of new location and a picture of an event that will take place further in the story:

That would be all for now. To the next one. Cheers.

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