Townlore 2_0 and Pandora's Trial

Some of you could have heard about one of my smaller projects - Townlore. It was a mere experiment in trying to create a creepypasta without basing on already existing content, like Zelda, Pokemon etc. It somewhat fulfilled it's role in conveying a bit of dread... but beside that it lacked content. Of course it wasn't really necessary for this game to be elaborate, full of options and stuff to do, but I guess it's always nice to have something more to do in the game.

Why am I mentioning this? For no real reason I decided to remake this game into something closer to what I had initially planned. It's not much, but I've added option to visit Mainland, which I wanted to do at first, but later on thought that it's not necessary. With this player can now visit shop, where he can buy some decorations to use in Pandora's house. Of course, if there is shop, there should also be money, and money can be earned only by some means (let it be work, let it be robbery). I've added new location - Cave, where player can collect various specimens, show them to teacher in University (another new location on Mainland) and earn money that way. Beside that, player can also make Pandora write an article or... make a game and earn money as well!

That is however not everything that comes with new Townlore. I've seen comments about Townlore where people wondered about who exactly Pandora is, and what actually happened to her. Basically, people got curious about the story behind game (not about the note included to it, but game itself). That's where I came with another idea. I will give people what they want.

Pandora's Trial is a title for another game. Player will take control over certain police officer. Story will start from checking a crime scene where certain security guard and his son were found dead (sounds familiar? Except I changed policeman for security guard... for a reason). Only thing we find is a note on PC mentioning game titled Townlore. Case seems to be hopeless, until someone suggest our officer to try asking for help a certain private detective - Axel.

In Pandora's Trial we're going to solve mystery behind the game, find out who Pandora is, what happened and finally how was it possible for a game to kill people. It's going to be quasi-visual novel asking for a bit of cooporation from the player. I also decided to give myself a certain challange when creating that game. I want it to be a game where every person presented is important to story, number of these people should be around 3, action takes place in only one room (beside introduction). Hopefully this will work out well.

So, Townlore 2_0 is almost done (I only need to add some texts and few events). After taht I'll probably start working on Pandora's Trial. In a meantime I'll hopefully add some new stuff to Divinity Fatum as well. Nonetheless, I wish to release both Townlore 2_0 and Pandora's Trial on Halloween (maybe earlier) as a pack of 2 games in 1. I hope you guys will enjoy whatever I'm going to create.

And that way another wall of text ends.