"Long time no see" kind of update

When did I write last post? About 4 months ago? Something like that. I wasn't very active here for various reasons, but I think it's about time to prove that I am still alive.

First of all, in previous post I mentioned that I want to remake Townlore... and here it is, in Download section. I've added a bit more of a background to the game, few clues that may help players speculate about what happened and most of all, I finally added Mainland - something that many wanted to be in the game. Of course along all these changes, game get graphical update and I (hopefully) got rid of some glitches that appeared in first version of the game. There is however one glitch, that I decided to left, for two reasons: first, I honestly don't know how to get rid of it without changing how certain event works, and second - it actually works in favor of getting that feeling that "game breaks". Ah, I also changed the "warning" document that's in the game folder. I got rid of unnecessary drama and decided to make it simple, yet a bit suggestive. All in all, I decided to make game closer to "Ring", rather than your usual creepypasta in which stuff happens just because.

Next thing is... another game! Yay!

Well, ok... calling it a game is an exaggeration. It's a simple idle game (I repeat - IDLE), titled Gardens of Void. To be honest, for me it is more of an artistic project, than a proper game. To advance, you simply have to repeatedly press Enter (or just wait long enough) for new things to appear on current island. Your objective is to collect tokens that let you proceed to the next island and so on, and so on. Currently there are only 8 islands - but I want to add more and more over the time. These currently available are related to characters I created over the time. Most of them should be familiar to you, if you've played Divinity Fatum. Gardens of Void is also available in Download section.

Speaking of Divinity Fatum, the development is slowly progressing. It kinda pisses me off, that it takes so much time for me to finish this game, but I don't want to rush it. Also, I'm aware that many side projects and stuff I do distracts me from working on DF and for that I apologize to everyone who eagerly waits for it to be completed. For now, I can try to redeem myself by showing you some new screenshots from the game:

Next point - I'm currently working on heh... yet another game. It's a very short and small project, but let me tell you a bit about it anyway. The game's title is "Party at Foxy's" (after translating it to English). The game is currently made in my native language, but who knows? I may decide to translate it to English anyway. The game is - like Townlore 2_0 - a remake of one of my older games... and probably first game I ever made. As title says, action takes place in Foxy's house, where he, me and a bunch of our friends party hard - that is, until something dire happens. The game will be ridiculous and plainly stupid, but hopefully enjoyable.

And, that would be all for today. Cheers!

Btw. Sorry for small thumbnails in this post, but I didn't want to make this post look longer that it is.


  1. New game looks cool! Keep it up ^_^ Btw I'm really happy to see Divinity <3 I'm in love with this game, I listen game's bgm's everyday >w< Character design is just get me. Well I can't describe my feelings sorry :D My English isn't that good but I just want to say thank you for making this game. Thanks to your patience c:

    1. Thanks! It's always nice to see support and that people enjoy what I do. It may sound cliche, but that really helps a lot and pushes me forward, so... thanks once again :)